How to get an Arizona Real Estate License

How to get an Arizona Real Estate License

Interested in a career in Real Estate?

So…you have a full-time career that keeps you busy, you are enjoying retirement or raising your children, but you have an interest in real estate and decide to look into taking classes toward obtaining a real estate license in the state of Arizona.

If any of you are currently considering obtaining a real estate license, this is the process for doing so. Obtaining a real estate license differs some from state to state, but there will be enough similarities between your state and Arizona to make the information worthwhile.

Before taking the Real Estate License Exam, Arizona requires 90 hours of classroom work and a score of at least 80% on one of three final exams to receive a certificate of completion. The program and the testing should be completed in 6 months or less. The price of the classes at The Arizona Academy of Real Estate is $399.00. There are many different options for obtaining your classroom hours. At AARE we offer a flexible schedule that allows people to take classes that will fit their individual schedules, but also allows people who are in a hurry to complete the program in as little as four weeks.


No matter what state you reside in you will need to pass both the national and state specific exam to be licensed with the state of Arizona. The exams are not extremely difficult if you have taken the time to study the material from the classes.  At AARE, we also offer an Exam Prep class for those who wish to review the classes before attempting the exam.

After completing the 90 hours of classroom (18 individual classes that are 5 hours each) work and passing the exams, you will need to attend a six hour contract writing course and get your fingerprints taken. In Arizona it can take as long as 3 months to receive your fingerprint card, so you may want to get this done before you complete your classroom work.

Once you have completed your 90 hours of instruction, passed both exams, completed the contract writing course and obtained your fingerprints, you are ready to turn in your application. Make sure that you have verification of all of the items above. You will also need to complete and turn in the real estate license application form which can be found on the Arizona Department of Real Estate website You will also need a proof of identification, such as simply photocopying your driver's license. You will turn in all of this information along with a check or money order for $160 payable to the Arizona Department of Real Estate.

Once you have completed your classroom work and passed both exams, start talking to brokerages to determine who you would like to hang your license with. At AARE, we have a Career Partner program that will expose you to many opportunities with different brokerages. Our Career Partners will explain some of the details of their company. You may plan to work in Real Estate part time, so a top priority for you would include a brokerage who did not charge a monthly fee, would provide some training and resources and would offer a competitive share of the commissions.

After you receive that notification that your license has been activated, you will have to obtain membership with the National Association of Realtors which will also include membership with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Need more information?

If you would like to learn more about the specifics of AARE's 90 Hour Real Estate License Program we would be happy to email you an information packet.  Please fill out the below form and we will send out the information within 24 hours.

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If you are ready to register you can do so online.  We will have your course materials ready for you when you come to attend your first class.



Here's what our students have to say about AARE's Licensing program.
AARE is the best Real Estate School in Arizona! They have instructors that are not only text book savvy, but have real-world current experience. The school strives to not only prepare the student for the exam but even more so for the real world of real estate.
Josh H. - 11 Jul 2015
The staff is very diligent in making sure students have all the support they need. They are all friendly & professional. Also, there are 4 locations, with classes that accommodate any schedule!
Tina J. - 1 Jul 2015
Fabulous experience, great support, flexible with time and locations. It works for everyone!!
Katie C. - 1 Jul 2015
A great program - straight to the point and very informative. Classes and instructors were engaging and helped with areas of difficulty. The Exam Prep class was excellent and really helped with test prep! I would highly recommend this school!
Jennifer P. - 1 Jul 2015
This has been a great experience! I loved the teachers and the flexibility of the classes. I would recommend this school to anyone! Thank you!
M. Anderson - 8 Jul 2015
I really enjoyed the flexibility to take classes at different campuses. The test prep was a huge help!
Kaitlin P. - 11 Jun 2015
I was very well prepared to pass my state exam due to the great instructors I received. The facility is very professional and the staff take great pride in ensuring we get the value. I'd like to send out a special "thank you" to Patti for being so tough! :)
Richelle S. - 10 Jun 2015