Steps To Getting Your Arizona Real Estate License


 A Checklist for Obtaining an Arizona Real Estate License


1 Complete AARE's 90-hour Sales Prelicense Course



2 Pass AARE's School Examination


  • Students must complete all sessions prior to taking the school examination
  • Students register for the school exam on the AARE website
  • Students must receive a score of 80% on one school exam to receive the Prelicensure Education Certificate


3 Pass the Arizona State Exam (Pearson) with a score of at least 75%



4 Complete the 6-hour Intro Contract Writing class


  • This class can be taken at any time. You will need to complete this class before you can activate your real estate license.


5 Obtain a Security Clearance Card from the Department of Public Safety


  • The application is provided in the back of the Student Manual
  • This process takes approximately 4-8 weeks


6 Apply for a real estate sales license at Arizona Department of Real Estate, 2910 N 44th Street #140, Phoenix, AZ 85018. ADRE will accept applications for processing Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm

  • Prelicensure Education Certificate
  • State Test Passing Certificate(s)
  • Original Licensure Questionnaire – Form LI-214/244
  • DPS Security Clearance Card
  • Intro Contract Writing Certificate
  • Broker Hiring Form – LI-202
  • License fee of $125
  • Real Estate Recovery Fund contribution of $10

90 Hour Sales Licensing Program

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Here's what our students have to say about AARE's Licensing program.
Loved this school! Before starting I checked both options available for me in Scottsdale and this was by far the most friendly, organized and helpful. Classes in Scottsdale are relatively small, which allow for questions and clarifications, the instructors are knowledgeable and engaging and Deb the owner was there for me when I needed her assistance. The staff members were polite and pleasant, the facilities are comfy, in short- I had a great experience and will go back if I ever decide to get ...
Naomi S. - 17 Jun 2014
I had my first class at the school and must say it was a GREAT class. The instructor Angie kept it simple but very informative. I am hoping to finish all classes by first week of September. Would recommend to anyone looking for a real estate school that actually cares.
Phillip K. - 6 Aug 2014
I love this school. I went to classes at my own pace and I was able to easily obtain my sales license and I just obtained my real estate broker license today. Amazing staff and they seemed so dedicated to helping you succeed.
Tim S. - 11 Jul 2013
I liked the flexibility of the classes and how you could take them at your own pace. Yes, the instructors are reading through notes, but they have to cover the info that's on the state and Federal exams, and this is how they are sure to cover everything, so this method works for me. I paced the classes to get them done in 7 weeks, which was a good pace for me. I spent 2 full days studying for the school exam and passed, spent another full day studying more for the State and Federal tests and ...
Lynda X. - 30 Oct 2013
I wanted to send you an email to thank you, Donna and John for helping me get licensed! I am a single mother and work full time so the fact that you have a flexible schedule really made things a lot easier. Again, thank you and the whole staff for always being helpful and kind!
Jen D - 7 Jan 2013
Thank you! I just took the national and passed it the first try! Please tell your instructors they ROCK!!!!!!
Elka Y. - 8 Nov 2012
Going to AARE is like having your favorite teacher from grade school in every class! A friend and I came together and just passed our National and State tests. Without exception, everybody at AARE, including Deb, the owner, is very supportive and really cares that you have a future as a realtor.
Barbara G. - 8 Nov 2012

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