Steps To Getting Your Arizona Real Estate License


 A Checklist for Obtaining an Arizona Real Estate License


1 Complete AARE's 90-hour Sales Prelicense Course



2 Pass AARE's School Examination


  • Students must complete all sessions prior to taking the school examination
  • Students register for the school exam on the AARE website
  • Students must receive a score of 80% on one school exam to receive the Prelicensure Education Certificate


3 Pass the Arizona State Exam (Pearson) with a score of at least 75%



4 Complete the 6-hour Intro Contract Writing class


  • This class can be taken at any time. You will need to complete this class before you can activate your real estate license.


5 Obtain a Security Clearance Card from the Department of Public Safety


  • The application is provided in the back of the Student Manual
  • This process takes approximately 4-8 weeks


6 Apply for a real estate sales license at Arizona Department of Real Estate, 2910 N 44th Street #140, Phoenix, AZ 85018. ADRE will accept applications for processing Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm

  • Prelicensure Education Certificate
  • State Test Passing Certificate(s)
  • Original Licensure Questionnaire – Form LI-214/244
  • DPS Security Clearance Card
  • Intro Contract Writing Certificate
  • Broker Hiring Form – LI-202
  • License fee of $125
  • Real Estate Recovery Fund contribution of $10

90 Hour Sales Licensing Program

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Here's what our students have to say about AARE's Licensing program.
The multiple locations made finding available classes easy. The instructors were very knowledgeable and made learning the material fun.
Laura R. - 8 Apr 2015
I truly enjoyed my time in the real estate pre-license classes at AARE. The instructors are great and create an interactive environment which is critical in learning.
Julie N. - 8 Apr 2015
The Arizona Academy of Real Estate has been more than fantastic! Each teacher was educated, helpful and very explanatory. The staff was very helpful, cheerful and understanding. I would recommend this school to everyone!
Dena S. - 1 Apr 2015
AARE was an excellent school. The material is thorough and the instructors are all fantastic. I especially enjoyed the classes taught by Lance and Deb. I recommend AARE to anyone considering a career in real estate!
Jamie T. - 18 Mar 2015
I love this school for many reasons. They have flexible classes in different campuses. The study materials are very comprehensive and the teachers are great! AARE made learning very easy and fun!
Raul N. - 25 Mar 2015
My experience with AARE has been both challenging and enjoyable. From Kassandra, and her helpful demeanor and attitude, to every instructor - AARE has been very professional. Starting a new career after many years was challenging and AARE instructors were more than willing to go over and above to assist with a successful outcome. I would recommend AARE highly! Many thanks!
Kevin M. - 24 Feb 2015
Just wanted to send a note of 'thanks' for the great education and experience. I passed my school test last week and passed both the state and national this past weekend. Much of the 'thanks' goes to Kelly Soriano who I had for quite a few of my classes. She was the perfect balance of patient and tough and really set me up to succeed on all tests on the first try. I should be licensed and dangerous by next week. Many thanks and certainly happy to recommend AARE!
Joanie S. - 4 Feb 2015

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